Education & training

The Tim Pruss Memorial School, Inungur, Tamil Nadu

Inungur is a village in an arid and remote area where there are many families of landless agricultural workers.  The Trust funds a nursery and a primary school with over 250 pupils aged from 2 ½ to 11 and a staff of 25.  The emphasis is on ‘value-based quality English medium education’ offered to poor rural children at their doorstep and at minimum cost.  The parents make a small contribution. The school is actively supported in the UK by Chigwell School in Essex and the Prince’s Mead School in Winchester, Hampshire, as well as by many individual supporters.  The support of the school by Tim’s parents, Tony and Mary and his brother, Michael, is as strong as ever and the school remains an important commemoration of Tim’s life to his family and friends.

The Tim Pruss Memorial School and a Maths Class taught in English

The Tim Pruss Memorial School and a Maths Class taught in English

The progress on the lunch hall

The newly completed multi-purpose hall used for school dinners



The Tuition Centre, Veerambur

Veerambur is a small, very poor village built with money raised by friends of Fr Bede for landless agricultural workers.  Until recently the children in the village would crowd around a street light after dark, to do their homework after school.  The Trust then built a tuition centre where the children can meet for their homework.  The project also employs a tuition worker to supervise the children and help them with their homework. Educational achievement is the surest way out of poverty for most of these children and the project is essential to help them perform well at their local school.  Each year over 50 children use the tuition centre.

The Tuition Centre and Residents of Veerambur

The Tuition Centre and Residents of Veerambur

Employment and Training

The Trust supports the educational and employment training initiatives of the Swami Bede Dayananda Trust (SBDT) which has centres in the villages of Pattavarthi and Malayappanagar.

IT Training The Dorothy and Toby Rance Computer Centre provides training for local young men and women from the poorer village families. Computer training is now an important route to employment.
Tailoring The Trust support three centres which train young women in stitching and tailoring. This skill provides women with the possibility of working from home to augment families’ incomes which are both seasonal and unreliable.
Typing Typing skills are still an important route to employment for young women from the poorer Indian villages. The Typing Centre students use manual typewriters to learn typing in both Tamil and English.


Typing and Tailoring Classes

Typing and Tailoring Classes

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